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About Us
J.C. Williams Group is a well-known, full-service retail and marketing consulting firm. We offer our clients practical, creative, and in-depth knowledge of retailing and marketing, including up-to-date know-how and techniques to make retail operations better and more profitable.
Who We Are
At J.C. Williams Group we believe that to be an expert at something you have to commit to it, 100%, which is why retail is all we do. We don’t check in on the retail world periodically. We’re actually out there in the marketplace every day, working on projects and getting to know the two most important factors that impact a retailer’s business—the consumer and other retailers. We talk to people, listen to them, watch them, read about them. Quite simply, we never stop learning. This ensures that our knowledge is as current as it is in-depth. It also keeps our thinking fresh.  more...
The Team
At J.C. Williams Group, we believe that the only thing more important than the product or service a retailer is selling, is the team doing the selling. The face of a company, the voice, the personality—they’re everything. We’ve assembled a team of individuals who possess the kind of qualities we value as a company—passion, commitment, vision, warmth. We like working with one another, which is one of the big reasons our clients like working with us.  more...

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