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The Team
At J.C. Williams Group, we believe that the only thing more important than the product or service a retailer is selling, is the team doing the selling. The face of a company, the voice, the personality—they’re everything. We’ve assembled a team of individuals who possess the kind of qualities we value as a company—passion, commitment, vision, warmth. We like working with one another, which is one of the big reasons our clients like working with us.
Senior Advisors
Senior Partner, Research Insights

Director, Marketing and Research
Senior Advisor, E-commerce and Omni-channel

Senior Advisor
Sales and Operations, Real Estate, Strategic Planning

Senior Advisor, Marketing

Senior Partner, Strategy and New Concepts
Research and Support
Senior Administrative Assistant


Research Analyst

Marketing Administrative Assistant

Associates, Affiliates and Associations
Associate Advisor, Business Project Management and Process Optimization

Associate Advisor, Design

Associate Advisor, Global Entertainment

Senior Coordinator

Associate Advisor, Research

Associate Advisor, Foodservices

Associate Advisor, Financial Planning and Inventory Control

Associate Advisor, IT Specialist



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