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For more than a decade, Ebeltoft Group has been monitoring brand and store innovations, uncovering the trends both underlying and emerging in modern retail. Ebeltoft Group’s retail experts around the world join forces to share insights from their local markets that will inspire ideas to innovate and future-proof your business.

This year, 40 innovative cases from more than 18 countries were evaluated, revealing four different retail trends, with two sub-trends apiece, to create a detailed big picture of what’s to come.

Trend #1: Smart Shopping – Simplicity and On Demand
Trend #2: Interaction – Shop Socialize and Expertise
Trend #3: Emotional Retail – Discovery and Passion
Trend #4: Responsibility – Caring and Purpose

This year’s Ebeltoft Retail Innovations Award winner is B8ta, a San Francisco-based retail chain that brings consumers and product-makers together, allowing makers to test their cutting-edge innovations at physical stores within days of release to gauge consumer interest before investing in a store base.

Global Retail Trends & Innovations demonstrates the intimate involvement of the customer in the innovation process. If technology remains a major driver for innovation, it must be applied usefully to serve consumer needs. Most of the innovations showcased in this issue rely on a deep, intimate understanding of how people live, dream and shop.

Vive le commerce!

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