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From sales and service, to merchandise and design, success in today’s ever-evolving retail world means getting your store tactics right…every time. However, with limited time and resources, how do you keep your stores moving forward?

J.C. Williams Group has teamed up with Retail Council of Canada to develop a new, complimentary eight-part educational eBook series for retailers. Each eBook tackles a different part of the business – from technology to supply chain to inventory turns – and provides a comprehensive overview with valuable case studies, infographics, insights, and more.

This series is sponsored by Visa Canada, written by J.C. Williams Group and developed by Evolusent Inc. And more good news – it’s absolutely free!

Retail Strategy
Retail Math
Developing the right strategy is critical for any retailer to succeed. Find out the four fundamental needs that shoppers want from retailers – and how to choose the one that’s right for you!

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Retail operations are like a mathematical equation – everything linking and adding up to success. Get the help you need to make sense of costs, margins, inventory turns, and more.

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Market Knowledge
The old expression “knowledge is power” also applies to retailing, where it can also mean success. Accurate market intelligence about the current and potential customer will lead to better decisions on buying, promotions and expansion. Look for tips on what information you need and how to get it as inexpensively as possible.

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Retail is about people – your customers and your employees. Learn how to optimize your omni-channel offering to connect with today’s consumer and explore how to get the best out of your top performers.

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Sell It
Move It
Whether in-store or online, selling your product or service is the name of the retail game. Examine how to effectively merchandise to increase your revenue. Two special chapters on e-commerce and private brands are also included in this eBook.

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From point A to B, and everything in between. Take a look at logistics within the retail supply chain and how to reduce costs, improve the accuracy of inventory and more.

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Tech Support
Developing relationships in the new retail environment is the key to success. Identify new ways to enhance your relationships with customers and the communities that you operate in. A special chapter on social media is also included in this eBook.

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The retail industry moves at a dizzying speed. Technology, it seems, moves even faster. Get ahead of the curve and learn how to choose the right technology for your business.

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Visit Retail Council of Canada for more information. 

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