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Retail Innovations: A Decade of Innovation
What is Retail Innovations?
J.C. Williams Group and the Ebeltoft Group, a global alliance of consulting companies, have been formally tracking trends in retail innovation around the globe for nearly a decade. Enormous change has occurred within society, consumers, and ultimately, in the retail stores that serve them during this period.  

As a member of the Ebeltoft Group, J.C. Williams Group contributes to Retail Innovations, an annually released publication that includes the latest compilation of leading edge innovation, highlighting individual ideas and the key themes that emerge from studying the whole. 

The emphasis on innovation is purposely forward-looking: what is on the leading edge? We recognize that some of the concepts themselves may not be commercially viable but the ideas behind them could provide a transformational spark in the future. 

Customized Retail Innovations Workshops 
Get your team inspired! Have one of our Senior Advisors conduct a Retail Innovations Workshop, similar to the “Global Retail Innovation” session featured at the 2015 NRF’s Retail's BIG Show conference in New York.

Each workshop includes:
  • An overview of innovation and examples of retail innovations (using cases from Retail Innovations 10) that apply directly to your business,
  • An outline of the seven retail trends your company should know about (curated collections, customization, experiential retailing, “hyper local,” online offline mashup, “retailvention,” and technology intervention), and
  • How your business can stimulate innovation for improving sales and progress. 

Contact John Williams,, for further information.  

Retail Council of Canada (RCC): Best of 2014 Global Retail Innovations
March 24, 2015 MONTRÉAL: Terry Henderson, Senior Advisor at J.C. Williams Group offers insights into the latest global retail concepts and innovation trends. Based on the recently released publication, Retail Innovations 10, you’ll find ideas as well as inspiration for your business in this event centered on the most innovative stores of 2014. The event will take place at the RBC Executive Suites in Montréal and will be presented in French. Click here for more information or to register. 

Featured Case Study 
Retail Innovations 10  includes 60 innovative case studies from 21 countries, categorized into 7 global retail trends. Here is the current featured case study. 

OVS 2.0 (Italy – Milan)
Retail Trend - Technology Intervention

Innovation and a partnership with Google: the OVS flagship blends new technology into a traditional store, located in a historical palace in the center of Milan, turning it into a place where shoppers can enjoy an intense digital shopping experience.  Read the full case.

Previously Featured Cases: 

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