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RetailWATCH – Insights with Attitude

The J.C. Williams Group RetailWATCH is a five-part information series designed for any business in need of obtaining up-to-date Canadian retail intelligence on a regular basis. 
Key Features 
RetailWATCH includes the following information products:

The only data tracking Canadian shoppers’ use of e-commerce and omni-channel behaviour to browse and buy online. 

The Canadian E-tail Report is based on a survey of 5,000 Canadians that probes the respondents’ online shopping and buying habits. The report is prepared on a semi-annual basis, with monthly updates on important topical issues. 

The impact of e-retail, digital, Amazon, and technology is swift, sudden, and relentless. What are malls and retailers doing about this phenomenon? Your management team should know about this.

J.C. Williams Group will provide you with a monthly newsletter that tells you what your industry is doing. Included is an accompanying point of view from retail experts, drawn from key insights from the Canadian E-tail report and J.C. Williams Group’s expertise.

Keeps your finger on the retail pulse.

Our monthly bulletin provides an analysis on monthly sales from Statistics Canada by retail category (e.g., Food and Beverage Stores, Clothing and Accessories Stores).

Exclusively from J.C. Williams Group and sponsored by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Retail Innovations is an annual publication on the world’s most innovative retail concepts and trends. It is prepared in conjunction with our partners in the Ebeltoft Group—a global collective of retail consulting firms. 

On an annual basis, J.C. Williams Group will present a workshop on what’s happening in retail to your management team, property owners, tenants, or other stakeholders. We will use data and content from Retail Innovations and the Canadian E-tail Report and discuss how your team can drive business using these insights. 

How it Works  
The J.C. Williams Group RetailWATCH package is a subscription-based service. Specific deliverables for each year includes: 
  • 2 Canadian E-tail reports, distributed semi-annually, plus monthly “hot topics”
  • 12 Shopping Revolution newsletters, delivered each month
  • 24 National Retail Bulletins (1 Canadian and 1 U.S. retail sales), delivered monthly
  • 1 Retail Innovations book
  • 1 customized ShopTalk presentation
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RetailWATCH will help you better manage the uncertainty in today’s digital age.

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