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At J.C. Williams Group, we understand that digital assets are playing an increasingly significant role in your business’ success.  Over one-half of retail sales are estimated to originate from online or web-influenced buying decisions (Forrester research). Your website is therefore your primary business card.
Our Services

Your website serves as the central repository of information on your company, products and services by updating consumers and businesses alike.  With the expansion of digital into everything from mobile devices to television sets, your online presence can essentially make or break your company.

We work with municipalities, large property management companies and retailers to provide digital-focused research, best practices and a strategic direction.  Very few industries these days can afford not to ensure they have the best online presence in their industry.

Key Features

Our Digital Doctor assessment ensures your website remains current, relevant and effective by:
  • Assessing your web presence against two key competitors in your industry
  • Benchmarking against one best-in-class website outside of your industry
  • Providing recommendations that direct the site based on the following:
    • Over 130 customer-focused attributes
    • Functionality
    • Content
    • Innovation/interactivity
    • Design

Benefits to You

  • Increases overall revenue and sales 
  • Positively influences your online business as well as your overall business and brand
  • Creates a favorable first impression to clients and potential investors
  • Drives traffic to your site at a lower cost and potentially converts more of these visitors to customers
  • Provides third-party unbiased feedback to your digital agency or IT team to help enhance the site
  • Ensures you business remains relevant for your customers

We provide research expertise focused specifically on digital assets (e.g., web, social media and mobile audits) and its impact and influence on shoppers.  As retail strategy experts, we understand the big picture.  Therefore our findings are always linked back to your strategy so that you get a clear understanding of the implications for your business.


“The research process was an important component for us and the report was very concise and easy to interpret; as a result we were able to develop an online strategy to stay ahead of our competition.”
Cindy Turnquist, Marketing Director
CORE – TD Square/Holt Renfrew, Calgary, AB

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