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Retail and Commercial Due Diligence
A three-dimensional review by industry experts! 
Our Services
We help clients make informed decisions on the potential of retail and related businesses. This service is based on appropriate research, consumer and competitive insights, and extensive retail experience. Our approach is thorough. 

1) Operations: How good is the company—really? 
  • Is the concept viable, needed, and competitive? 
  • Is the organization culturally fit for change? 
  • Is there solid strategic alignment and operational effectiveness? 
  • Is it Amazon competitive? 
  • Sales and income growth patterns? 
  • Productivity measured against industry leaders? 
  • Financial stability—past, present, future 

2) Real Estate Value: Is there longevity—really? 
  • Trade area potential defined and measured by consumer segments, growth forecasts, PRIZM 5 profiles 
  • Site effectiveness; any barriers to success? 
  • Retail landscape, competitors, adjacencies help or hinder? 
  • Store (and related) operations, rent/occupancy analysis 
  • Strategic considerations, performance 
  • Use professional associations: Environics Analytics, GEOmarketing Solutions, CSCA Ryerson University, ULI, ICSC, Ebeltoft Group, IDA 

3) Brand: What is the Residual Brand Equity? 
  • How is the brand positioned strategically? And, what is the potential in this position? 
  • What are the attributes versus alternative brands? 
  • What is the degree of “wantedness?” And, of special intangibles? 
  • How “sticky” is the brand with specific segments? 
  • Where are opportunities for expansion, extension, and engagement?

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