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Custom Research

We will provide you with the competitive intelligence and rigorous research that makes us thought leaders in marketing and strategic planning. We will work closely with your organization to determine your research needs and ensure that you maximize the return on your research investment.

Our Services

Our deliverables are available in various forms, such as research reports, white papers, data tables, webinars, and presentations, and can include:
  • Outlining the elements that will drive your business to your key stakeholders
  • Developing hypotheses about your business that can be tested against primary research, secondary literature reviews, and/or competitive audits
  • Pinpointing the risks involved in your business decisions so that you can set your priorities
  • Developing the right research plan based on your main business priorities and budget parameters
  • Completing a full assessment drawing from our worldwide experience in retail auditing
  • Providing specific suggestions for the retail environment in which you compete, both locally and internationally
  • Writing research proposals and presentations that are concise and giving recommendations that are easy to act upon

Key Features
  • Strategic planning sessions and facilitation
  • Primary research, both quantitative and qualitative
  • Secondary research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Long-term research management

Benefits to You

J.C. Williams Group considers you a strategic business partner. We provide a long-term research plan that is focused on your needs now and that project a range of scenarios for the future. In managing your research, we’ll help you better understand – and optimize – our research results. Our senior advisors will expand upon the relevance of the research recommendations and ensure that those recommendations are “best practice” in the industry. In short, we will challenge your team to be innovative, creative, and solution-oriented. You receive our guarantee of a highly informed interpretation of the facts. Our people know research and they know retail!


Our Toolkit
  • A full range of research on strategy and program effectiveness including brand equity evaluation, tracking, concept and new product testing, new store development, customer satisfaction, and market assessment.
  • Proprietary market studies that use benchmark research tools to illuminate market performance comparisons.
  • Qualitative methodologies that draw upon executive interviews, focus groups, mini groups, one-on-one interviews, store walkthroughs, in-home, ethnographic, and employee research.
  • Quantitative methodologies that use internet, telephone, and intercept research tools.
  • Secondary approaches that use retail audits, space use, existing retail studies in the public domain, census or other proprietary databases, and literature reviews.
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