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Get multi-channel retail expertise grounded in over 20 years of strategic planning, market sizing, and industry research with multi-channel retailers including the world’s largest retailers and brands.
Our Services

J.C. Williams Group has established expertise in omni-channel retail, including digital, which encompasses the e-commerce, social media and mobile sectors. We are frequently sought out to assist within these sectors, in the areas below:
  • Strategic planning and roadmap development
    • Strategic planning for retailers, manufacturers or brands who are evaluating the role of their online channel within their broader business strategy
    • Strategic review for existing omni-channel and e-commerce plans when validation assists in aligning the organization’s omni-channel goals or is required for Board review and adoption
    • Market analysis, sizing and potential (domestic and international)
  • Organization design for omni-channel retail
    • Organization design review and optimization, in order to align sales channels, reduce the impediments to individual channel goals, and provide a robust customer experience across channels
  • International e-commerce expansion for domestic retailers reaching across borders and for localized in-country expansion of regional divisions
  • Development of digital strategies
    • Developing a marketing strategy that encompasses a robust social media plan to increase the power of your brand
    • Building a customer community around your brand
  • Digital Doctor competitive benchmarking, gap analysis and best practices
  • Consumer research (quantitative and qualitative)
    • Primary and secondary research
    • Mining online conversations to improve consumer engagement and product development education and training
    • Online and social best practice audits, which assist in defining a best-in-class online presence
  • Proprietary industry research
    • Proprietary research and thought leadership studies to assist in supporting the needs of the omni-channel retail community (including service providers that support omni-channel retailers)

Key Features

We will work with your firm to leverage collaborative technology to help build your brand.

Our professionals take on a big picture view of the retail sector, which encompasses industry trends and benchmarks, market research, and competitive analysis, and work collaboratively with your team to align channel goals and develop a point of differentiation. By leveraging 40 years of retail industry experience and current expertise in omni-channel operations and technology, we are able to provide our clients an “end to end” strategic approach and operating roadmap to achieve their goals.

Benefits to You

J.C. Williams Group provides a fact based plan with an industry-wide perspective to assist you in driving your business forward, through unfamiliar territory. Our team prides itself on working cooperatively with your team to ensure better execution and a high degree of accountability.


To assist the retail community, we have authored benchmarking reports and an award-winning book that helps explain the complications of building and managing the changing landscape of consumer behavior across channels.  Check out our library of work and contact us to discuss any of the studies and how the findings may impact your business.
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