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Streamline your operations so that the connection between store and field operations will function at top capacity. J.C. Williams Group has extensive first-hand experience in store initiatives, workforce management, store payroll, customer service, store services, technology, and key operating and customer conversion metrics.
Our Services

For most retailers, store and field operations serve as the final “moment of truth” between the customer and the retailer’s products, services and employees. At J.C. Williams Group, we’ll help you streamline your operations so that the connection between store and field operations will function at top capacity. 

Key Features

With our pooled expertise drawing from leaders in the retail field, we’ll make sure you maximize operations by:
  • Optimizing store-level labor scheduling to raise productivity
  • Upping customer conversion through effective management and accountabilities
  • Enhanced budgeting and forecasting for improved financial performance
  • Defining store level processes and metrics to optimize customer service
  • Achieving consistency of store-level execution
  • Improving the management and effectiveness of home office communication
  • Defining the optimal organization structure to facilitate growth
  • Handling succession and management retention
  • Articulating an effective asset protection program
Benefits to You

Operations and productivity are key areas in which a competitive advantage can make all the difference with retail challengers. Our team of partners and professionals can make sure you identify and optimize the operational springs that will help your company leap forward in the retail race.


“With the assistance of J.C. Williams Group, we achieved hard results that far exceeded our expectations at the beginning of the project. As a result, we asked J.C. Williams Group to assist us in other store operational and merchandising areas to further improve our performance.”
Richard Martel, Vice President
Personal Edge/Centre du Rasoir

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