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Litigators are concerned that a client's dispute, when supported by expert witnesses, may not withstand aggressive cross examination.

J.C. Williams Group provides both an unassailable submission and in-court credibility and gravitas that is based on professional experience and preparation.
Our Services

Join the dozens of others who have come to J.C. Williams Group’s Senior Advisors for credible facts and well-documented opinions on retail, e-commerce, retail real estate, distribution-related issues, marketing, and branding.

J.C. Williams Group listens, questions, and then strategizes with your legal team. Once we have a thorough understanding of your case, we prepare a written report. We also provide a sharp and insightful critique of your opponent’s report that will stand up under scrutiny. And if need be, J.C. Williams Group experts will appear in court, at tribunals, OMBs, or other hearings.
Key Features

Through years of experience in courts and at hearings, J.C. Williams Group has developed a well-respected and successful five-step approach to preparing materials. For each case, you can expect:
  1. A thorough review and background preparation based on academic literature
  2. Solid, up-to-date research with a detailed analysis of your case
  3. Salient comments on your argument and a realistic evaluation of your opponent’s
  4. A professional report that is fully documented
  5. Expert witness testimony by well-known, respected professionals

Benefits to You
  • An advisor with a winning track record
  • Professionally prepared research and opinions delivered by the industry’s most respected experts
  • Reliable and cost-effective work
  • Fresh faces and opinions from experts who have not been on hundreds of OMB hearings

J.C. Williams Group Expert Witness Experience

J.C. Williams Group has saved clients millions of dollars in decisions and settlements resulting from arbitration, mediation, and court proceedings.  The cases we have dealt with include:

Retailing and Wholesale
  • Damages arising from breach of a contract
  • Misleading advertising claims
  • Issues relating to brand management and brand value
Retail Real Estate
  • Oppose or support expropriation and zoning applications
  • Impact of a retailer or anchor tenant leaving a shopping center prior to termination of its lease
  • True market value of properties and leases
  • Economic impact statements and residual analysis (supply and demand studies)
  • Lease negotiations and disputes
Retail Inventory Value
  • Evaluation of claims on the value of merchandise inventory
  • Assessment of tenants’ inventory and impact on a mall
Retail vs. Manufacturing
  • Damages arising from cancellation of a license agreement
Online and Multi-channel Retail
  • Damages arising from cancellation of a service contract to operate a transaction based website
Retail Branding
  • Value of a brand regarding lease and real estate
  • Value of brand name tenants in a shopping center
You can rely on our knowledge and expertise as our consultants:
  • Have graduated from top-ranked universities
  • Keep their knowledge cutting-edge by attending university courses and professional conferences
  • Became industry leaders by writing books, articles, and speeches – along with years of retail experience
  • Continually advise on their subjects of expertise


“Our experience with J.C. Williams Group has been very positive.  They are good listeners and examine any situation and issue quickly.  The company has a solid research group so their opinions and experiences are backed up with professional methodology and the experiences of many years in the retail and real estate market.”
Steve Rosen
Minden Gross

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