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Store Underperformance
J.C. Williams Group has the experience and skills to work with company management and/or investors to quickly assess important issues. Because of our retail background, JCWG Senior Advisors are able to turn observations into solutions and then into action.
Our Services

Complete Analysis Quickly
Assess if issues are global, local, or company specific. Identify if actions can be taken on: 
  • Inventory 
  • Sales generation 
  • Expense control 
  • Marketing, branding 
  • Special issues 
  • Real estate, store design 
  • Leadership 
  • Vendors 
  • IT, systems, logistics 
  • Quick wins! 

Choose Goals and Priorities
  • Identify an end state where the business is operating successfully 
  • Outline action for each function in the operating model and the marketplace. 
  • Describe the situation:  Ideal? Okay? Get By? Problem? Disaster? 
  • Set priorities—from previous assessment 
  • What has to be done immediately? What resources are needed and available? What is the timing? 

Action on Processes
  • A 100-day plan – measurable action 
  • Organization review – productive and focused people 
  • Product strategy – edit or add? 
  • Operations and service – set standards and measure 
  • Channel strategy, real estate – growth or consolidate? 
  • Marketing and communications – impact 
  • Logistics, IT, systems – refocus, savings opportunities

Benefits to You
An action plan that delivers results.

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