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J.C. Williams Group is the foremost retail expert in Canada and the U.S. supporting retailing practices and opportunities in healthcare facilities.  Our subsidiary company, Total Management Solutions, is the leading retail healthcare consultancy in the U.S. The J.C. Williams Group team understands the complexity of operating in hospitals. We understand the dynamic of balancing food service contracts, the Women’s Auxiliary/Volunteers, and other factors unique to the healthcare environment.
Innovative retail programs have become a key opportunity to generate new sources of revenue while also improving the hospital experience.
Our team of experts can guide your organization through our proven process:
  • Planning
  • Market Research
  • Strategy
  • Tenant Mix
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Leasing
  • Operating Success

Our Services

Based on our extensive experience in the retail planning and food service worlds, we have developed a professional approach to maximizing the retail, food service revenue and customer experience for the healthcare industry.

Our services cover the entire spectrum from vision to strategy, planning, and leasing to operating success!  We offer a complete range of professional services to achieve the optimal retail strategy.

Our team will:
  • Conduct site visits including reviewing plans, and gain an understanding for the vision for the facility
  • Complete a thorough audit of local retailing
  • Survey the facility users
  • Calculate the amount of space needed, the range of users, and typical tenants
  • Work with the design team to prepare optimal space plans
  • Prepare the retail strategy and optimal tenant mix
  • Forecast revenue potential
Manage the leasing process, from distributing RFP’s, interviewing candidates, and selecting tenants, to negotiating lease terms.

Benefits to You

As hospitals merge and grow, so too do the number of people they serve.  These facilities often provide services to over one million area residents and have a staff count the size of a small town.

Many are now recognizing the need to provide unique care offerings and patient experiences that reflect concepts from medical best practices to healing architectural and landscaping spaces. This provides a comfortable atmosphere that is the opposite of the traditional clinical and antiseptic hospital environment.

As such, the traditional hospital experience is transforming to a social, community focused and, in some cases, mall-like environment for the patients, staff, and visitors to utilize.  Retail is clustered in common areas, making it more accessible than being tucked away in hard to get to spaces.

Hospitals are beginning to embrace retail strategies to improve their healthcare experience for patients, and provide services to the staff to improve their work/life balance. 

Perhaps more importantly, this new retail experience is generating additional revenue that contributes generously to the bottom line and off-sets budget pressures.

Key Features

Retailing, food services and personal services can play an important role in healthcare facilities. Retail can:
  • Provide a significant and steady source of new revenue that increases over time
  • Provide a vital service demanded by patients, healthcare workers, and visitors
  • Help put to rest the stereotype of healthcare facilities as sterile and clinical and instead help create a more lively and social environment that contributes to the healing process
  • Help engage and enliven the neighborhood and pedestrian street level activity around healthcare facilities by integrating them with the surrounding area

Unfortunately, retail opportunities in healthcare settings are often missed and the benefits not realized for some of the following reasons:
  • Retail scope and potential are underestimated, so that adequate retail space is probably not allotted, or retail is poorly located
  • Retail services are often run by volunteers with limited experience
  • Retailing and related services are often left to the last moment in the planning phase, as retail is not the core function of the hospital administration
  • The planning, contracting or leasing of space is not conducted professionally or thoughtfully

  • St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Trillium Health Centre, Mississauga, ON
  • North York General Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Brampton Civic Hospital, Brampton, ON
  • Halton Healthcare Services – New Oakville Hospital, Oakville, ON
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, ON
  • Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON
  • Baycrest, Toronto, ON
  • McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, QC
  • Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
  • Saint John Regional Hospital, Saint John, NB
  • Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital, Fredericton, NB
  • Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital System, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital System, Oakland, Pontiac, MI
  • Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital System, Mishawaka, IN
  • Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Christus Health
  • Indiana University Health, IN
  • Loyola University Health, IL
  • Ascension Health Summa Health, Akron, OH

Brampton Civic Hospital Detroit Medical Centre Indiana University Health
Loyola University Health North York General Hospital Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital
St. Michael's Hospital Toronto General Hospital Trillium Health Centre

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