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Healthy cities need the appropriate blend of stores and restaurants, as well as cultural and entertainment venues. This does not happen by accident-planning. Rather, when it is carried out by experienced retail professionals it leads to powerful and successful cities.

We specialize in translating economic realities into livable communities. Our experience is gained from working in both small and large urban retail projects in North America and emerging markets. The benefit of this experience is the ability to create an action program that is based on sound principles, is consumer centric, and can deliver results. Our collaborative team approach has a well established record of successfully completing retail strategic plans that emphasize the latest market research techniques, facilitation work that builds relationships, creative visioning sessions, and practical solution solving.

The firm is made up of internationally renowned retail and market experts who have broad experience working with business district organizations and municipalities on revitalization strategies for commercial areas. A core strength of the team is that our company also works with retailers and we understand their locational needs as they fit into their strategic planning.
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