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Visual Presentation
Increasing the store business through visual merchandising.
Our Services

The growing digital world is increasing fierce competition for retail stores—so customer interactivity is becoming more critical. With the right tools of visual merchandising in place, J.C. Williams Group helps you challenge the threat of the digital world. Visual merchandising is an absolute requirement for any retailer to succeed by attracting the right customers, engaging them in-store, and converting them to returning customers. What we do is facilitate your business and operational needs by putting the right visual merchandising process in place. This increases sales productivity! 

Our services include: 
  • Consulting services to find opportunities and solutions for in-store set-up to increase engagement and conversion 
  • Floorplan re-sets to organize the store based on various phases of the retail calendar and business needs for maximum productivity 
  • Training workshops for developing and maintaining visual merchandising applications and principles for internal sustainability 
  • Visual display planning and assistance to amplify the brand image and increase store traffic 
  • Creating visual merchandising and display standards to raise customer perception and help store staff keep presentation standards at a premium consistency 

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Benefits to You
  • Enhancing quality in the consumer shopping experience and promote customer loyalty 
  • Increasing space productivity and product turnover 
  • Strengthening visual communications for silent selling 
  • Standardizing visual merchandising processes for operational efficiency and consistency 
  • Elevating and strengthening brand identity 

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