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Strategy and Concept Development
We increase consumer-connected companies’ competitiveness – dramatically!
Almost all retailers and consumer-connected businesses hit periods of unaccounted slow sales or declining market share—usually a sign that a once successful strategy is no longer working. When this occurs, J.C. Williams Group applies strategic thinking processes and market research to revitalize a strategy or invent a new concept. We work with clients to ensure their business is unique, relevant, and powerfully competitive. We produce winners!
Our Services

Our advisors offer retail and retail-related businesses a one-of-a-kind approach that is based on a strategic model developed through years of experience. Because we are a multi-disciplinary consulting firm we deal with all aspects of business strategy.

Our experienced team is hands-on and approachable. We place a lot of value on listening and using what we hear to provide you with what fits your needs, not just standard recommendations. Our methodology includes:
  • Discussion about the need and impact of a distinct strategy
  • Marketplace and competitive audits, and pre- and post-testing
  • Research to identify gaps and hurdles to opportunity
  • Working sessions to select the optimal strategy
  • Decisions and standards that will guide your strategy
  • A well-informed and ambitious program
  • A dynamic range of tactics to support your concept

Key Features

J.C. Williams Group offers you:
  • A simple way to choose your key strategic direction
  • Tested research methodologies to quantify your business potential
  • A clear description of how tactics and business processes support your strategy
  • Competitive and consumer audits to keep you on track

Benefits to You

  • Greater achievements with the same resources
  • Creative yet practical insights, solutions, and plans
  • A holistic game-plan for greater effectiveness
  • Superior competitive position and results


“We used J.C. Williams Group’s Strategy Model to guide us through both our own business plan and to analyze where our clients should be going. It has been a valuable tool and service, which we continue to use.”
John Lee, VP & General Manager
Liquidity Services, Inc.               

“Black’s Photography was facing enormous competitive pressure when we turned to J.C. Williams Group for assistance. Their thorough research, unique strategic and branding model, and very practical advice has helped us achieve double-digit same-store sales growth. And our “store of the future” is a phenomenal success.”
Rod Smith, President & CEO
Black Photo Corporation

“When we needed a professional, objective look at Walmart’s private brand strategy we used the J.C. Williams Group. The team went far beyond what a design or ad agency would do. They spelled out the potential, best practices, potential pit-falls, and gave us a creative yet simple game plan to follow. It was excellent.”
Chris Johnston, Vice President Merchandising - Soft Goods
Walmart, Canada
Bell Canada BMW Canada Microsoft

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